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A Major Benefit of our debt settlement services is that YOU are always in control!

Trust accounts are used extensively by many debt settlement companies, but SettleBankDebt keeps you in control by always allowing you to hold your cash. It NEVER goes into a third party account.

Here is how Wikipedia describes trust accounts:

“For consumers who have no cash to make a lump sum settlement offer, debt settlement companies set up a third party “trust” account where funds accumulate for the settlement process.

A legitimate company will use a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporationa insured trust account. Once enough funds are built up the negotiation process can begin with each creditor individually.

Trust accounts, also known as “special purpose accounts,” are often held by a bank, and managed by a bank agent (who charges a monthly maintenance fee). Accounts can also be held by creditors, or may be sold to collections agency for an average of $0.15 on the dollar, in which case debt can still be negotiated.

A consumer makes monthly payments to the debt settlement company, or to the bank (or bank agent) who holds the “trust” account. A portion of each payment is taken as fees for the debt settlement company, and the rest is put into the trust account. The consumer is told not to pay anything to the creditors. The debt settlement company’s fees are usually specified in the enrollment contract, and may range from 10% to 75% of the total amount of debt to be settled. FTC regulations effective October 27, 2010 restrict debt settlement companies from collecting any fees from a debtor client for services until settlement with the creditor has been reached and at least one payment made.”

You can see how complicated trust accounts can be. That is why we choose not to work this way.

Did You Know This About Medical Debt?

In 2013, of Americans ages 19 to 64:

    1. 1.  Over 15 million will spend all of their savings to payoff medical bills1 > Over 15 million will spend all of their savings to payoff medical bills
    1. 2.  11 million will create credit card debt to pay off their hospital bills
    1. 3.  35 million plus will be contacted by collections agencies for unpaid medical bills
    1. 4.  Just under 17 million will receive a lower credit ratingdue to their high medical bills
    1. 5.  Nearly 10 million will fall short of affording basic necessities like rent, food, and heat due to their medical bills
    1. 6.  To budget costs, 25 million adults will not take their prescription medication as indicated, including skipping doses, taking less medicine than prescribed or delaying a refill

~Sources: MSNmoney and CreditInfoCenter

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